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Arkansas’ first solar garden allows interested citizens to “plant” solar modules and grow electricity. Arkansas customers of Entergy simply register a new electric meter in their name and attach a solar array that produces kilowatt hours of electricity. Monthly kWh production is credited against monthly kWh consumption on existing meters at another home or business location.

Through a program called meter-aggregation, Entergy customers can sight their array here at Bearskin Solar Center and create kWh generation which will offset usage from another Entergy meter anywhere else in Arkansas.

If your home or business does not have suitable solar access or you just want to have your array sighted elsewhere, you can purchase a minimum of 20 modules at Bearskin Solar Center and apply the generation to any other number of existing electric meters.

The purchase price includes an initial 20 year land lease and a 25 year performance warranty with daily web access monitoring of solar modules in each individual array. A modest annual maintenance fee is assessed to keep the grass mowed and the modules clean.

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